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What if your fruit grows best on other people’s trees? With a holy and humble tenacity, leaders of Level 5 multiplying churches must shift from hero to hero makers, so others will become the heroes in the church’s unfolding story.

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Join us for LAUNCH 2018 – a growing community of leaders from across Europe committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities


The Edge, Wigan, Greater Manchester, UK


Monday to Wednesday
12 November to 14 November, 2018

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Multiplication Mathematics For Movements

from Anthony Delaney (Ivy Church, NewThing)

I don’t know what is happening in your church but you don’t need me to tell you that church attendance numbers in western Christianity don’t paint a pretty picture. To say, ‘At least my church is growing’ is like saying the hole is not at your end of the boat.

We start to work out a better answer by first counting what God counts, kingdom impact. We subtract what is stopping us being the prevailing church Jesus envisaged. We add strategies which equip the saints for ministry, so we multiply what leads to flourishing.

Gone are the days when the latest program might get more people to come to church, and even if it works, the best you get that way is more church goers. We are called to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples. We stand at a turning point in history to seize the opportunity to recalibrate biblically, shifting from declining denominationalism to hero making movements.

At LAUNCH you’ll hear from seasoned leaders who know what it takes to identify and release Jesus’ gifts to the church (Ephesians 4:11). Apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherd and teacher seminars create full capacity to generate and maintain all kinds of innovative, incarnationally contextualised, forms of church. The connections in the room will help you find, form and foster the relational networks and tribes some of us have been waiting far too long for.

The impact will be exponential as we don’t just ask, ‘How do I grow my church?’ but rather, ‘How do we multiply the kingdom?’

The good news is – Jesus wins! We don’t need another hero. So only hero makers need apply!